Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Misc rambling on about various stuff....

So it's the new year... yay..
The last few weeks of 2010 had me working tons of hours at my job.. thus the only photography work I was doing was the stuff specifically for Creative Designs. I just finished up the last bit of work that was on the books.. so other then a handful of clients who have not yet put their orders in, or plan on ordering more.. I am done with the holiday rush.

I had 12 days off at the end of the year for break.. and I completely shut things off for the most part. I did spent two days re-installing my whole computer work station and reprogramming all the buttons on my X-keys, and intuos4 tablet. I think I have got things configured better now for my work flow. I can either use my one hand on tablet the other on xkeys config.. or use only the tablet and the buttons or on-screen short cuts that it has. The x keys is faster, but when you wanna lean back and put your feet up it is nice to only have to worry about having the tablet in your lap.

I re-looked at my portfolio site during break and really like what I put together. I do still have a handful of things picked out that I didn't do anything with.. and maybe I'll add that stuff later. I also have to include some of my portraiture.. would make sense since that has been a major part of my career over the last few years.

Over the last few months I have friend-ed a variety of photography/photoshop related people and companies on Facebook.. like NAPP, Kelby Training, NIK, Tamara Lackey, etc.. They all put out all sorts of free training on many topics.. and it has been on my list to catch up with that and learn some new things... I just have not found the time/motivation to do it yet.

Another related thing that has been on my list is to get a membership for KelbyTraining... they seem to have a great deal there for about $30 per month. You get access to TONS of videos, tutorials, etc... seems like a better value then a membership to NAPP (which is something else I was thinking of doing).. What I need to do is sit down and think about all the areas I want to improve in.. specific skills to work on.. and see where I can get some help reaching the next level.

I have been thinking about doing some more night photography.. inspired from the class I took last October. I dislike the cold though.. and have lacked the energy and inspiration.. Hopefully something will hit me soon as I most certainly am equipped for it (other then the sure-fire flash light I was going to get to do some light painting).

So lots of things on my list already for 2011. I am working on (in the back of my mind for now) a list of projects/shoots I want to do this year. I had intended on doing a trip up to Mt. Washington this spring.. but not sure if that will happen (It always comes down to $$ and Time). I also intended on piggy backing a trip to The Grand Canyon on one of my AZ work trips.. but as of right now it does not look like I'll be going any time soon (Subject to change at anytime).... One other thing that has been on my list (for a LONG time) is heading to Washington DC and doing a variety of work there.. but again comes down to $$ and Time. Another hick-up is that I recently ramped up my involvement in music (my other expensive hobby) and joined two bands. This obviously will suck up some of my time.. and that may/may-not affect what I do this year photo-wise.

Anyway.. I am kinda rambling on.. I guess my point is I gotta work some shit out... LOL. My 5DmkII has kinda been sitting idle in my bag for too long and I am getting the urge to do some sort of shooting expedition somewhere...... Any suggestions?