Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The Quiet before the.... Quiet? Storm? Who knows...

Things have been pretty quiet on the photography front.

CDP has been slow as it always is this time of year. The winter also has hampered my desire to get out and do photo work.. I know some are into the whole all season photography thing.. but I seriously hate the cold. I did do a bit here and there but I just wasn't about to go and drag my crap out in 20F weather... Everything is packed up in my back pack and ready to go the moment the temp rises a bit.. :)

Another thing which I just briefly mentioned last blog was that I am now very much re-involved with my other passion: music. The "bug" hit me again last year and I have ramped up my playing (I play bass guitar in case you didn't know) and now I play for two pro level bands in the area. I also have a 3rd project which is still in a nebulous state. So nearly every bit of my free time has been spent on practicing, learning material, rehearsals, etc. Things *will* slow down eventually once I am all caught up.. but who knows.

This how it usually is with me.. I cycle through my interests every few years. For the last 5 I have been totally serious about photography. Before that it was music... now I am back with music. That doesn't mean I am not doing my photo work anymore... no sir no sir no sir.. I am sure I'll still be very involved. Just not sure how many of my goals for this year will be accomplished. Some things will have to be put on the back burner.

So that being said... I have two trips to AZ on the books right now. However.. due to a variety of reasons I won't have much personal time. I am going to try (Again) to do some sunrise/set work during the week.. Hopefully with more success then the last trip. I have my prints of Sedona hanging in my office at work and I really wish I could go back there again... it was a wonderful experience. I envy those who have the time, $$, and resources, to travel around the country/globe doing photo expeditions.

In other news.. I am pretty happy about this.. my wife has begun working on becoming a "real" photographer. Most/All of you know she has been a critical/key part of CDP from the beginning. She pretty much quarterbacks all the photo sessions and does most of the posing work etc.. She also has a pretty good eye and some ability with journalistic styles. Now to that she is working on understand photography theory, DSLRs, etc. She has taken two really good classes at Unique photo, and now asks me all sorts of really good questions about stuff. I am hoping that (if everything goes well) she can take on more and more of the portrait work for CDP.. which will open up more avenues to us schedule wise.

Till next time...