Monday, September 6, 2010

Phase 1 complete!

After working most of the summer I have finally completed "phase 1" of my portfolio work... Back in July I went through all my work up to that point and decided upon nearly 100 photos I wanted to include from the last 10 years.. Since then I have been going through them and re-retouching them to my current standards. (as I previously said I was going to do).

This took a lot longer then I thought it would.. Mostly due to basic human engineering.. but that is to be expected.

Now on to phase 2.... which for me is to go through the photos I have taken since July, pick my choices for the portfolio, and then prepare them. I have some HDR work I did at a local castle.. a hiking trip in the Meadowlands.. and a whole bunch of things from the annual lake trip.. much to go through..

Another thing I am working on is building my my new facebook presence.. and thinking about rebuilding the web site...

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